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Why Physical Formats Still Matter

Why Physical Formats Still Matter

  1. Quality and Resolution: Blu-ray discs, in particular, offer higher resolution and better image and sound quality compared to some streaming services, especially for enthusiasts with high-end audio-visual setups.
  2. Collectability: Physical formats often have collectible value. Some people enjoy owning physical copies of their favourite movies or TV shows, especially in limited edition or special packaging, artwork and release information such as actors, producers, biographies etc.. Many limited edition releases become collectible and
    can fetch high prices with other collectors. Or in particular world cinema titles which are not available on any streaming platforms, titles that are discontinued or pressed in limited numbers are all collectible.
  3. Ownership and Accessibility: When you purchase a physical disc, you own it outright. This contrasts with streaming services where you essentially pay for access to content but may not own a copy. Some individuals prefer the security and accessibility of having a physical copy. Streaming services offer limited title choices, and delete titles from their platform each week, making it not possible to watch.
  4. Internet Limitations: In areas with limited or unreliable internet access, physical formats remain a more viable option for accessing high-quality content without buffering or streaming issues.
  5. Special Features: Physical discs often come with special features, behind-the-scenes footage, director's commentary, and other extras that generally are never made available on streaming platforms.
  6. Compatibility: Not all regions or countries have access to the same streaming services, and licensing agreements can change. Physical formats offer a more universal solution for accessing content.
  7. Lossless Audio: Audiophiles who prioritize lossless audio quality may prefer physical formats, particularly for music.

It's important to note that consumer preferences and industry trends can change, and streaming services have become increasingly dominant in recent years.

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