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Used DVD & Blu-ray market and demand

Used DVD & Blu-ray market and demand

The demand for used DVDs and Blu-rays can vary depending on factors such as the title, condition, and the overall market trends.
We have noticed a lot of fantastic collections and bundles are for sale online lately at very low prices too!.

For collectors this is the best time and a fantastic opportunity to find rare titles, collections and series at knock down prices as those selling the physical format in favour of streaming will benefit the physical format collector.
What a great time to collect !


Factors influencing demand for used DVDs and Blu-rays:

  1. Title Popularity: Popular and classic titles are generally easier to sell or find than obscure or less-known ones. Blockbuster movies, TV series, and cult classics may have more demand. Mass produced titles seem to have little used value nowadays.
    It is a great time to buy if you are missing some of the titles. Many DVDs and Bluray discs can be easily found for less than £1 per title on the used market!
    What a great value compared to downloading a stream or a subscription.
  2. Condition: The condition of the discs, and any included inserts or special features can significantly impact the desirability of used DVDs and Blu-rays. Items in good condition are likely to be more appealing to buyers, especially steel books are very collectable and retain their value.
  3. Streaming Trends: The rise of streaming services has changed consumer habits, and many people now prefer digital access to content. This shift can affect the demand for physical media which is great news for collectors looking to buy.
  4. Collectibility: Limited editions, special packaging, steel books, out-of-print titles, world cinema titles, or collector's items may have a higher demand among enthusiasts and collectors.
  5. Local Market: The demand for used DVDs and Blu-rays can also be influenced by the local market. Urban areas with a higher population density might have more potential buyers. You will find many gems in Charity shops too.

Where to sell / buy used DVDs and Blu-rays:

  1. Online Marketplaces: Platforms like eBay, Amazon, or dedicated sites for selling used media can be good options.
  2. Local Stores: Some second-hand stores, pawn shops, or local retailers might buy used DVDs and Blu-rays.
  3. Garage Sales or Flea Markets: Selling / buying at local events or markets can attract buyers looking for deals on physical media.

It's important to set realistic prices based on factors like title popularity, condition, and current market trends. Keep in mind that the demand for physical media has changed over the years, and some titles may have limited demand in comparison to the past. Researching prices for similar items on online marketplaces can give you an idea of the current market conditions.

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