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What storage space is needed for your small to large DVD collections?

What storage space is needed for your small to large DVD collections?

DVD titles soon mount up and take up a huge amount of space due to the rather thick DVD case design at 14mm per title for the average sized case.
Assuming you store your DVD collection upright on a shelf like a book, then an average collection will use up a lot of space.

Here are some interesting facts that will surprise you as you continuously grow your collection you will need even more space ! 

Average collection
Most average DVD collections consist of around  100 DVD titles:
You will need 1400mm (1.4 meters / 55 inches of shelf space) to store this many DVDs

Above average collection
More substantial collections tend to be about 350 titles, this requires 4.9 meters (193 inches) of shelf space. Already this will require a full book case to keep this collection.

Larger collection
Collections which are considered to be on the larger side often contain 650 to 800 titles.
This amount of space starts to really eat into your room space at home ! possibly covering an entire wall or even two. You will need to buy several book cases as 850 titles will require  11.9 meters of space (193 inches / 16 feet)

Huge Collection
We often speak to serious collectors who tell us about their large collections of DVDs.
So many movies will take up a lot of room to store.  Our space saving system provides a
fantastic solution to this problem.
Such serious collectors often  have a collections several  thousands of titles !
We see a lot of people order 2000 to 2500 title packs.
Such collectors are in dire need of space, some have resulted in storing their movies in Boxes in the attic, in the basement and under the bed !  This is not the best of places to keep your digital physical media as the discs and artwork will be damp or humid, and users will unlikely crawl the attic to look for a movie.
With the original DVD case a collector with 2500 titles will need a staggering 37.5 meters of shelf space (57.4 feet) ! 
You would be easily covering all 4 walls of your lounge and require specialised shelving to store such a large collection.
This is where you will surprised just how much space can be saved by organising your large DVD collection by using our Slim Disc DVD sleeves.
You will save 6 times the space, the 37.5 meters would now only take 6.2 meters of shelf space.
The entire collection could be easily condensed into just one tidy book case.

Extreme collector !
The most amount of DVD sleeves we have ever sold to date was to a private individual in the USA who has ordered 6500 DVD sleeves over a single order.  It is hard to imagine just how much space was needed prior to changing over to Slim Disc let allow having enough time in the rest of our lives to watch all of the content ! We would love to see the before and after pictures !

The Slim Disc team always loves to see your before and after pictures or collections stories.
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