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Why do older CD cases seem to be better quality than newer cases?

Why do older CD cases seem to be better quality than newer cases?

The perceived decline in the quality of CD jewel cases over the years may be influenced by several factors related to manufacturing processes, cost-cutting measures, and changes in materials. Here are some possible reasons for the observed decrease in quality:

  1. Material Choices: In an effort to reduce costs, manufacturers may opt for lower-quality plastics, thinner plastics, or alter the composition of the materials used in CD jewel cases. This can result in cases that feel less sturdy or are more prone to cracking and breakage.
  2. Recycled Materials: Some manufacturers use recycled plastics in the production of CD jewel cases to promote sustainability. While the use of recycled materials is positive for the environment, it can sometimes lead to variations in quality, especially if the recycling process is not carefully controlled.
  3. Cost-cutting Measures: Economic considerations may lead manufacturers to implement cost-cutting measures, such as using thinner plastic, reducing the amount of material per case, or changing production techniques. These measures can impact the overall durability and perceived quality of the cases.
  4. Global Supply Chain Dynamics: Changes in global supply chain dynamics, including fluctuations in the cost of raw materials and transportation, can affect manufacturing decisions. Companies may adjust their processes in response to economic factors.
  5. Market Competition: With the decline in physical media sales and the rise of digital formats and streaming services, there may be less emphasis on producing high-quality CD jewel cases. As demand decreases, manufacturers might prioritize cost efficiency over premium materials.
  6. Consumer Demand: If consumers are less concerned about the quality of CD jewel cases and are more focused on the content itself, manufacturers may be less motivated to invest in premium materials and production techniques.

If you're seeking higher-quality CD packaging, you may explore alternative options or look for premium cases produced by specific manufacturers. Some companies offer more robust cases just as Super Jewel Cases which are made from sturdier materials. Slim Disc Sleeves also compatible with Super Jewel titles and inserts.
Additionally, eco-friendly alternatives, such as cardboard sleeves or digipaks, have gained popularity as more sustainable options in response to environmental concerns. Whilst digipaks look niece they do tent to wear down quickly and tear easily. Some digipacks are even thicker and chunkier than Jewel cases, in particular double disc titles and take up a lot of shelf space.
The slim disc system is not compatible with digipaks unless the user is happy cutting the digipack sleeves to fit into the Slim Disc form factor.

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