Frequently Asked Questions

How much space can I save:
A huge amount of space is taken up by these brittle, space consuming plastic boxes which are manufactured far bigger than they need to be to add perceived value to the buying public. Big is not always better!

Quick answer:
CD: you can store 25 CD's in 6.5cm of space ! this is 300% space saving! BLURAY: store a massive 25 Blu-Rays in 6.5cm of space, saving up to 6 times the space! DVD: store a massive 25 DVDs in 6.5cm of space, saving up to 6 times the space!

Longer answer / learn more:
When the technical development of the Compact Disc was completed in 1981,and since the CD was a totally different product from the vinyl LP, a completely new packaging had to be designed. Consumer acceptance would be a decisive factor when the CD was introduced since CD's where expensive at first and a high price had to be justified with attractive modern looking packaging making consumers feel that they had "value for money".

To open at first the Jewel Case weighed 100 grams, had thick walls and didn’t break so easily. However, due to stiff competition most manufacturers reduced its weight to 68 grams. As a result easy breakage of the case and centre hub became synonymous for the Jewel Case. After the introduction of DVD, which required a different centre hub, the Jewel Case was re-designed and named the "Super Jewel Box" This Super Jewel box is now mainly used for SACS discs. All this brittle plastic is unnecessary now, with the Slimdisc media storage protection system you can store 25 CD's in just 6.5cm space! this would normally house only 6 CD's in traditional jewel cases. More space is saved with DVD's and Blu-Rays.

DVD's due consumer expectations & tradition. DVD cases are pretty much the same height and width as the later VHS cases, which needed to be that size because that's how big the cassette was. As people where accustomed to that shape & size when shopping for & storing movies DVD cases where introduced and manufactured to be roughly the same size as VHS cases. The plastic DVD case size also allows it to hold more discs than a CD case & have the poster art on the front cover without squashing or pillar boxing the artwork. Further more the larger size acts as a deterrent to shoplifters.

What about the original cover artwork?
We have designed our system to completely respect your original artwork and not cause any damage to it in any way should you ever wish to sell on your collection, or put back into boxes in the future your artwork and discs will be as good as they would be in the box.

You do not need to cut anything, or crease the DVD or Blu-Ray sleeve, simply fold along the natural spine and insert into your Slimdisc outer sleeve, that's it. Check our video demonstration:

What about your sleeve quality?
We manufacture our sleeves with the finest Polypropylene Polymers available in the UK. The spine welding is of solid high quality, and sleeves are generally 150gsm P.P and completely transparent, and offer better integrity compared to PVC material. If you are unsure you can purchase a sample sleeve for you to test and make up your mind!

What to look for in DVD storage sleeves?
When choosing your CD or DVD slips we encourage that you take the time to research the quality of the sleeves you are purchasing, such sleeves need to be able to withstand age and any disk risks such as water damage and rust. Our specifically designed slim DVD storage ideas has been designed to ensure your discs will be safe and sound. You should also take time to consider how much cd storage space you require, our sleeves fortunately allow up to 3 discs to be stored at one time meaning you can maximise space, and declutter as required.

Will my media fit well in your sleeves?
Yes the sleeves have been extensively tested and will house comfortably double CD, DVD, and Blu-Rays. You can also insert up to 3 discs in our outer sleeves if you have triple discs titles. Our Outer sleeves come with one CD insert sleeve for music CD's and double disc inner sleeve for DVDs and Blu-Ray titles. Simply purchase additional inner sleeve packs to cater for those triple plays etc..

Are the sleeves transparent or opaque?
Our sleeves are totally transparent and do not have this "orange peel" effect making the artwork easy to read and see.

How do you ensure quality?
Our sleeves have been tied and tested by thousands of customers, and we have an array of feedback in case you are still uncertain. By monitoring all stock in house after production and before dispatch we can ensure your storage sleeves will fit as required. We ensure that every product leaving our warehouse from our DVD movie sleeves to Blu-Ray sleeves are fit for purpose, this is done by periodically monitoring existing stock for damage, and testing sleeves to ensure they are transparent in colour, and durable in strength.

I have a very large collection, is it any good?
Absolutely! the bigger the collection the better the result with Slimdisc. You will also save money by buying 200 packs as these offer even better value. You can throw way or sell off all these plastic cover boxes you have littered all over the house, floor, under the bed, shelves etc.. and store into one easy place. For example you can store over 150 DVDs in a shoe box.

If you have a collection of thousands or tens of thousands of titles you will be able to organise them all onto a shelf system or single furniture. The possibilities are endless. The beauty is that you will see all your titles right there, you can easily access them, and take pleasure in cataloguing them to make it a joy to browse through your collection and find your favourite titles.

Do you ship to my country?
Yes we do we ship to most of the countries in the world. We do not ship to PO box addresses.

Can I test or sample the product?
Sure, we encourage you to test our product out, you will love it. Order a sample pack on our online store today.

What material do you use?
Our sleeves are made of the highest quality Polypropylene material available in the UK.

Will your sleeve system scratch my discs?
No, We have extensively tested our product, as long as discs are handled as they should not mark at all, our system will offer protection to your recorded media and artwork.

Do you offer a binder?
No we don't. Slimdisc sleeves are designed to be stored on a shelf or in a box to make finding a title easy, and to encourage browsing through your collection. Binders make it difficult to browse large collections by having to keep flicking through pages, weakening the sleeve, and making it time consuming and frustrating to find what you want if you have many binders. Binders will only hold a small amount of titles therefore you will have to find the right binder to begin with, buy more binders or keep going through your binders to find what you want. Our sleeves are not perforated so will not fit into binders. They are designed to sit in a box or an a shelf and do promote browsing, thus enjoying your collection with a more visible presence.

Can I use your sleeves for games?
Game titles and DVD's have the same packaging, so our DVD or Game storage system is compatible.

How can I store DVD box sets?
Our system is not compatible for this, Slimdisc is best used for single or double disc titles. boxsets can be cut up to make fit into our sleeves, but frankly you would be ruining your box set artwork and loose the value on the set if you cut it up.

Can I use your DVD size sleeves for both DVD's & Blu-Ray?
Yes you can, but you will have a sleeve which is taller than the artwork for your Blu-Ray titles. We do offer packs of sleeves specifically for Blu-Ray discs or specific to DVD storage for a perfect fit.

I want to be a Reseller / Dealer
Do you sell to trade or wholesale also? Yes we can, Slimdisc is a British brand and British made product which is sold directly by us. Wholesale customers wanting to retail our product will need to be a registered business with verified trading premises, and be prepared to commit to regular stock orders. There will be a minimum order of 10,000 mixed sleeves on your first order. Please email your enquiry with your full company details details.